For Machine Resellers

Representing Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) often forces Resellers to work with OEM’s proprietary software to operate the Machine and connect to a MES or SCADA system. The value these resellers add to the customer relationship is often restricted to the one-time sale of the Machine and sometimes a service contract.


With FS2D’s brand-agnostic IoT platform you can collect critical data from any Machine that runs on a PLC or through Digital Sensors and “brand” the platform with your own logo and your own look & feel. With the INSIGHT platform you can Monitor the performance and Wear & Tear of the Machine and build a tailored after market service offering to your customers.


Experience how Resellers can add real value to the customer relationship and offer branded services. Don’t add cost, add value !

Use case

Cooling Towers in the Process Industry

Use case

Remote Monitoring in Rental Industry

Use case

User Management in Hydrogen Stations

a demo