User Management in Hydrogen Stations

The Challenge:

A manufacturer of hydrogen electrolyzers for the Utility sector offers it’s products to a network of hydrogen stations for vehicles. These stations are located in densely populated areas, therefore require close monitoring of the power generating units: precise measurement of output Temperature, axle vibration, motor current and liquid pressure (upto 200 bar) need close measurement and narrow alarm settings. Furthermore multiple stakeholders need access to specific machine data. An additional challenge is that the Generators are not always connected to a fixed data line. The company turned to FS2D for help.


The Solution:

FS2D offered the Manufacturer of Hydrogen Power stations a full suite of OEM hardware (digital sensors, 4G Routers) and Cloud platform as a customer branded product, to be offered to the company’s hydrogen-station owners, Operators, suppliers and its own R&D department.

The company can monitor electrolyzer behavior, the Owner can monitor and benchmark power production of all stations in the network, and suppliers can schedule refueling of hydrogen, all from the available data in one platform.


The Reward:

Due to the multi-layered insight of the data from the H2-stations in the field, all relevant stakeholders are optimally informed about the status of the stations resulting in an effective Management of the Hydrogen infrastructure.