About Us

How can we use the available data from existing Machines to improve its performance, reduce it’s use of resources, increase it’s life-span and become less dependent on scarce Engineering-time. From Sensor to Data was founded to answer exactly this question.


The company started as a spin off from Cool Industries in the Netherlands in 2019. Cooling Towers can consume upto 130 Kw electricity per day. Cool Industries’ customers were challenging the energy consumption of these assets due to rising energy prices, so the company started searching for ways to monitor energy usage and adjust the power and throughput of water based on readings of the performance and demand for cooling factory assets.


Fast forward to today, Cool Industries offers multiple Cooling Solutions (dry-coolers, Adiabatic Coolers, Condensation Coolers) with SMART sensors, guaranteeing 15-18% more efficient energy consumption on comparable load. From Sensor to Data BV was founded to offer these SMART solutions and benefits also to other Suppliers of Cooling Solutions and to a wider range of Industries.

Our Vision, your benefit

Our goal is to combine your Domain expertise on the assets you are using and the industry you operate in, with our stack of integrated solutions:

  • Intelligent hardware: With our Plug & Play, Smart & Secure hardware like the Coolbox, Digital Sensors and OEM Gateway you will unlock the data that is captured in your machines, using standard Modbus protocol and transmitted to the Cloud using secure Lightweight M2M encryption;
  • Data Visualization: with our fully configurable INSIGHT Cloud platform, data interpretation, visualization and follow up becomes easy. Set alarms, create dashboards, customize the look & feel of graphs, brand the platform to your liking and assign data and assets to specific users and user groups;
  • Data Analytics: take the data one step further – create time-based statistics, benchmark performance data of multiple machines in the field, analyze interdependent parameters, run self-learning algorithms to predict machine behavioral patterns, narrow or widen tolerance levels to improve warning signals;
  • Innovative Business Models: For those who have unlocked and discovered the value of data – use your new insights to offer new Service concepts to your customer and let us take you to innovative profitable business models that build long-lasting relationships with your customers.


The digital age brings more challenges and opportunities than we ever thought were possible. Technological developments follow each other faster and faster and become widely available for existing and new applications. The risk with new technology is the tendency to apply it without knowing the issue: why offer a solution for which there is no problem?


We found our inspiration with William Thompson (Lord Kelvin) who said: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”. That’s why From Sensor to Data starts with collecting baseline data. From there we build dashboards, warning systems, data models, algorithms and new business models. Let us help you measure and solve your asset challenges.