Remote Monitoring in Rental Industry

The Challenge:

Young Medical designs, builds and installs flexible medical building solutions like operating theaters and recovery rooms. Located at the heart of its building’s are advanced Airhandling units. These units control cooling, heating, particle filtration and Air pressure for the entire temporary complex.

Young Medical rents out these temporary Healthcare facilities and remains contractually liable to keep the Airhandling unit operate at spec, 24/7. Since the modular building’s are rented out in multiple countries and sometimes in regions with limited Data-infrastructure, Young Medical was looking for ways to monitor the Airhandling units remotely.


The Solution:

FS2D’s COOLBOX offered Young Medical the option to install a limited number of temperature-, airpressure- and motionsensors to test the data collection and analysis. The Sensor- and PLC data of the building’s vital operating systems are transmitted to FS2D’s Cloud platform and visible to both the Customer (Hospital) as well as Young Medical engineers.

By combining for example Airpressure, temperature and door-motion data Young Medical found that they could reduce the closing time of the doors and reduce the drop in over-pressure of the Operating Theater. Furthermore the remote monitoring has allowed them to benchmark the performance of their Airhandling units across their rental base and have the units operate more efficiently in different building configurations.


The Reward

Young Medical is able to guarantee optimal performance of the Airhandling units in the Operating Theaters and as a side effect improved the energy efficiency of the units in different configurations across its rental base. The company now offers FS2D’s sensors, routers and Cloud platform as an OEM solution in all their rental Operating Theater complexes.