Data has no value if it has no reference. In the selfconfigurable dashboard you will discover how your machine or productionline behaves in relation to previous results or design conditions.

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    To gain insight into your online data and the use of the online dashboard, From Sensor to Data offers you a subscription to the intelligent online dashboard. Below you will find the options:

    #Smart Asset Package

    • Data collection
    • Data communication, incl. SIM
    • Data storage
    • 99% Cloud uptime
    • ISO27001 compliant database
    • Helpdesk

    #Smart Knowledge Package

    • Real time status update
    • Asset details
    • Table and Graph analyses
    • Customized dashboard
    • Treshold settings
    • Alarmfunctions

    #Smart VPN-DMP

    • Secure acces to your device
    • Sensor calibration
    • Online software updates
    • Remote controll

    #Smart LR-device software

    • LR Device software
    • IO/ link sensor controll
    • USB stick for single user